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At we believe in saving trees, therefore, the world's data should be stored in databases and not on paper.

At we believe in saving hard drives, therefore, the world's data should be stored in databases files and tables and not on separate Excel files, Doc Files and .PDF files for each data intensive transaction.

While much of the information in the world is stored in text files, word document, excel spread sheets or .PDF files, the majority of the world's information is stored in databases.

By having fields inside database tables segregated out in to different subject matter, for example: name, address, city, state, zip and phone1, banks, utility companies, phone companies and everyone who keeps information on file has your information in the most organized format possibly without keeping large amounts of files on each particular customer.

If for example, a phone customer was to want to see a copy of their phone bill, the phone company computer and database system could retrieve their phone bill out of the database and fill these values into the appropriate phone bill form fields. Thereby, saving a lot of hard drive space compared to storing each phone bill on a Word document, Excel Spread Sheet or .PDF file.